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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – there is nothing sweeter than bringing home your baby and showering him with all the love in the world! And I get to photograph that love – doesn’t get much better than that. Every time I go to a new client’s home I see it over and over again and I never, ever tire of it. Then I get to home and hug my own family and remember how little and sweet they were once, and how my love for them has only grown with each passing day (I know kind of cheesy, but true)!


Bringing a new baby into your family of three can sometimes be unsettling for the first born, especially if they are still young themselves. Of course you want them to love each other immediately, but then you quickly realize this happens in bits and pieces. Sometimes there is so much love the hugs get a little too tight or sometimes there is so much apprehension the older one runs crying from the room, a lot. Either case, it all balances out and the love and friendship grows. A lot of time when I go take newborn photos with a two year old or younger sibling, I let the parents know that there may not be the happy, smiling family photo they were dreaming of. It could be a family photo with the older sibling looking on in doubt at the new baby or the older sibling won’t even stay in the same room for the photos. Happily this sweet little girl stayed for a few photos with her new brother and then off she went to play with her grandmother!


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